bio-bean - advanced biofuels Made in Britain

bio-bean is an award-winning clean technology company that has industrialised the process of turning waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

bio-bean Coffee Logs Production from bio-bean Ltd. on Vimeo.

The UK produces 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee each year - much of which is sent to landfill - producing CO2 and costing businesses money. bio-bean works within the existing energy and waste infrastructure to collect waste coffee grounds from the UK’s offices, transport hubs, coffee shops and coffee factories, saving companies money and reducing CO2 emissions in the process.

bio-bean recently launched its first consumer product - Coffee Logs. Coffee Logs are premium eco briquettes, designed for multi fuel stoves, wood burners and chimineas. They are cost-effective, carbon neutral and burn hotter and for longer than wood.

"The whole bio-bean team is immensely proud that Coffee Logs are Made in Britain. We built the world's first coffee recycling plant in Alconbury, where we can reprocess 50,000 tonnes of the UK's coffee waste every year and turn them into advanced, carbon neutral biofuels which can heat homes and power businesses for less.

"So when you buy a bag of Coffee Logs, you are not only helping the environment and saving money - you are supporting a growing British business too."

Arthur Kay, founder and CEO

Coffee Logs are, of course, proudly made in Britain and display the Made in Britain marque.