Duralock - Performance Fencing exported Worldwide

Duralock UK design, manufacture and install sports performance fencing systems for racecourses and sports facilities in over 40 countries across the globe. Their products are all approved and used by racing authorities worldwide and are in place at the most prestigious racecourses in the UK. All sales and manufacturing is undertaken at their factory in rural Oxfordshire and all of its racerail is shipped with the Made in Britain marque proudly in place.


Duralock CEO, Jonathon McGovern said:

“The Made in Britain Campaign is hugely important to us. With a lot of inferior products on the market that have been mass produced in countries such as China and India, the Made in Britain marque serves as a quality guarantee and as a mark of distinction to our global clients. We only use British suppliers ourselves and everything we produce is hand crafted in our on-site warehouse. We feel this gives us a unique selling point and ultimately the competitive edge.”