What More UK - Billions of Customers

The British brand leaders with billions of customers worldwide.

We’re world class and we want to share that with everyone” – Garry Ireland, Production Manager, What More UK

What More UK is Britain’s largest manufacturer of innovative plastic homeware, storage products and bakeware. All of its products are made in Altham and Padiham and they end up in an astonishing 71 countries around the world.

Market leaders who are paving the way

What More UK products end up in billions of homes worldwide. The company needed a universally-recognised symbol to customers identify where their products had come from.

The company turned to Made in Britain as the marque could easily be applied to a variety of products using the logo pack.

Laura Preston, marketing co-ordinator for What More UK, believes there’s a clear demand for British accreditations. She says: “Our customers want to see the Made in Britain logo, they see it as a selling point. It’s a mark of quality.”

Working with the What More UK brand

Director of What More UK, Tony Grimshaw OBE, says: “For our consumers, Made in Britain means top quality. And if everyone uses the same marque, more people will appreciate what Made in Britain actually means.”

But adding the Made in Britain marque to large volumes of different products can present a challenge when it comes to design.

In this short film, see how Laura and the team make the marque consistent on products ranging from pet bowls to baking trays.