Green Growth Programme

Your gateway to Green Growth 

THE UK government has mandated that every UK business must reach net-zero by 2050 or before. That’s why Made in Britain is here to support every UK manufacturer to advance their progress on sustainability. 

Made in Britain’s Green Growth Survey provides your business with a benchmark, so you can understand the progress your business is making against your peers. 

Created in partnership with the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Green Growth Survey has been designed exclusively for Made in Britain members and is the gateway to the Green Growth Programme – a dedicated bank of free resources, tools and expert recommendations to help you on your sustainability journey.

Why join?

By completing the Green Growth Survey, you will be enabling and empowering your business to progress their sustainability journey and joining a cohort of more sustainable, more resilient and more competitive businesses. Made in Britain is advancing through the Green Growth Programme and improving the sustainability of your business will bring multiple benefits including: 

  • Becoming more attractive to new and future employees and more successful at attracting and maintaining talent
  • Benefitting from an enhanced reputation among customers, peers and other stakeholders
  • Becoming more efficient, achieve better growth and keep up with changing regulations
  • Opening doors to new business and other opportunities
  • Greater number of marketing opportunities 

About the Green Growth Survey and Programme

The Green Growth Survey measures how your business is performing and where you could improve through the Green Growth Programme, you’ll be signposted to resources so you can take action and advance your progress on sustainability.

The Green Growth Survey and Programme will provide you with:

  • An easy way to measure and understand your progress
  • A network of peers who face similar challenges in a safe space
  • Clarity around how to communicate your green growth to your target audiences, including staff, stakeholders and suppliers
  • A standout competitive edge, especially as a responsible small business
  • An opportunity to share best practice and build your reputation, especially locally
  • A practical guide to become a more sustainable business

How to sign up 

To complete the Green Growth Survey and join the cohort of SME makers that are advancing their green growth, click here. You can download the PDF of questions in advance, gather data from across your business, and complete the survey in one go. Completing the survey itself takes no more than 10 minutes, once you have collated the information in advance. 

The Green Growth Survey is designed specifically for manufacturers whether you are starting at the beginning or are already on your sustainability journey. The survey has seven key focus areas to evaluate your business. 

  • Governance (GR)
  • Green Growth (GG)
  • Environmental Performance (EP)
  • Customer Engagement (CE)
  • Social Impact (SI)
  • MiB Ecosystem (ME)
  • Miscellaneous (M)

We recommend downloading the PDF in advance, so you have time to gather the information. You can then enter your information directly into the survey in one go. You will receive your results immediately upon completion. 

Click here to start your green growth journey. 

Want to learn more? 

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