Green Growth Programme

Members' gateway to the Made in Britain Green Growth Programme

WE know that doing business sustainably is a critical success factor for manufacturers. Businesses in this sector are facing acute challenges relating to resource scarcity, affordable energy supply, employee well-being and green governance. Beyond these challenges, procurement professionals are now prioritising suppliers that demonstrate sustainability and circular economy principles.  

Made in Britain has a vital role to support manufacturing businesses on their sustainability journey. To do this, Made in Britain has developed an industry-leading Green Growth Survey and Programme to enable every member business to make progress on its sustainability ambitions and reach net-zero by 2050.

Created in partnership with the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Green Growth Survey provides a benchmark for every business. Every business that completes the Green Growth Survey is given automatic access to the Green Growth Programme – a dedicated bank of resources and expert recommendations to help businesses on their sustainability journey.

To complete the Green Growth Survey and join the cohort of SME makers that are already championing better business, click here.

Watch the inaugural webinar, What is the Green Growth Programme and why should I join? below

The May issue of The Manufacturer magazine carried an exclusive article by the CEO of Made in Britain, John Pearce, highlighting the benefits of a circular economy. Click here to read it.