Member point of sale items

Below is a list of the items we currently have available for you to buy. All prices exclude VAT and postage. If you would like to order please complete the order form and  email to


Stickers 70 x 100mm gloss finish (vertical stacked mark)

10 for £1.50
25 for £3.60
100 for £14.25
250 for £35

Reel extra small

Reel of extra small stickers 

Each sticker measures 16 x 21mm. 

(1126 stickers per roll) £34

Reel sticker small

Reel of small stickers 

Each sticker measures 32 x 42 mm.

(521 stickers per roll) £25

Clear Decal Stickers

Measuring 26mm x 35mm, vertical stacked marque, domed stickers are great to apply to products.

£12.50 for sheet of 50

Sheet of Stickers

65 x 20 mm, matt finish.  Great for putting on envelopes and smaller products or packaging.

£1.70 for a sheet of 36

Sheet of Gloss Stickers

100 x 30 mm, gloss finish.

£2.65 for a sheet of 20.

Circular stickers

These are supplied on sheets of 35 and have a gloss finish.  Great to put on packaging boxes

£1.20 for a sheet of 35.

Window Sticker

Measuring 10cm x 15cm, these vertical stacked marque labels stick on the printed face, perfect for an entrance door or window, or could be displayed on a vechicle window.

£1 each

A5 vinyl sticker

Gloss finish, water resistant, these are also suitable for use on vechicles.  

£1 each.

Hologram Stickers 

These holographic stickers are the size of a postage stamp and designed to be applied directly onto your product to show it is a authentic British manufactured product. Each sticker has a unique serial number.

£1 for a sheet of 30 

Swing tags

Blue with white logo swing tags

Measures 27.5mm x 85mm. (provided without string)

100 for £13.20


White with full colour logo swing tag

55mm x 84mm. 100 for £8.75

42.5 mm x 55mm. 100 for £8

*string not provided


Metal plate adhesives

High tack mirror finish metal stickers

available in two sizes:

100mm x 30mm Full Colour Metal Plate with Adhesive @ 72p each

30mm x 25mm Full Colour Metal Plate with Adhesive @ 45p each


A4 Strut Card

 Strut Card A4

Perfect for displaying on your reception desk or on your stand at an exhibition. Show everyone you are a Registered Member of Made in Britain.                                                                                                     

£4.20 each

Pin Badges

Metal Badge

These small lapel pin badges are a subtle but great way of showing you and your staff are proud to be supporting British manufacturing. Wear them at events, at meetings with customers or just everyday in and around the office/factory.

  • 10 badges: £10
  • 50 badges: £40
  • 100 badges: £75

Tissue paper

Tissue Paper

Delicate  branded tissue paper, ideal for wrapping your products in, particularly suited to the home and giftware category products.                          

£45 a reel (375m)


If you manufacture an item you think would make a great MiB POS item, get in touch on