FREE webinar: when you are better off using webshops rather than marketplaces (or 'when Google beats Amazon')

FREE webinar: when you are better off using webshops rather than marketplaces (or 'when Google beats Amazon')
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Wednesday, 6th November 2019 at 10:00-11:00

BOTH webshops and marketplaces provide great opportunities for brands and manufacturers to grow their global revenue. While marketplaces like Amazon and Tmall have stolen much of the limelight over the last five years, webshops might make more sense for many companies. Solutions are becoming available to imitate the operational benefits of marketplaces.

This webinar is designed for companies that are considering launching their international ecommerce strategy through webshops, or have just started on this journey. In addressing some key questions, it will allow you to make better informed decisions on strategy and day-to-day operations, including where to go for help. Topics covered include:

1. Marketplaces vs webshops – myths and realities for brands.
2. Customer experience – different stages and why it matters.
3. Designing your multinational customer experience in a scalable manner.
4. Partial localisation – does it work?
5. What we can learn from successful companies.

About the presenter

Frank Vandenberg is the MD of Salesupply UK, a company providing fulfilment and customer service solutions for e-commerce companies in 15 countries on three continents. He is also MD of InfinityBlue Marketplaces, a company that supports brands and manufacturers optimising their revenue performance on Amazon, Tmall and ten other platforms. He draws on his experience in global online expansion as operator and consultant through both routes to market.

The webinar is the third in a series designed by Made in Britain to provide valuable insights and practical support for members in expanding their international sales online in a profitable sustainable manner.

Start: 10.00am, ends: 11.00am including at least 20 minutes for Q&A.

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