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AER Electric Company Limited

Established in 2017, AER Electric sought collaborative design and engineering expertise from experienced teams in Germany and co-developed its AER 557 e-scooter from scratch, through five prototypes to mass production. AER has chosen known bicycle components for the product which has completed lifetime simulation testing in Europe for a strong, safe and reliable solution to urban micro mobility.

Described by T3 magazine as the "iPod of electric scooters" and as the "best e-scooter to tackle anything" by WIRED Magazine, the 557 is the first scooter to win a prestigious Eurobike award and the Cheshire award for science and Innovation. AER Electric has completed a unique and exciting solution to the way we move around. In a changing world, sustainable modes of transport are becoming increasingly important as we navigate through our overcrowded and polluted cities.

Our unwavering commitment and unique place in the market for the ownership of e-scooters as a viable alternative to traditional modes of transport, places AER at the forefront of the vehicle grade electric micro mobility movement. A British business with the desire and will to succeed to make a genuine difference to our lives and health of our planet.

AER Electric will launch its 557 product  in 2021 and has already received global interest and recognition not only for the unique appealing design form of the e-scooter but for it safety elements, rideability and visibility on the road.

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