Airspeed Electronics Ltd

Airspeed Electronics Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Airspeed Electronics Ltd

Airspeed Electronics Ltd is an electronic design consultancy based in the United Kingdom.  We specialise in designing high-reliability embedded systems for operation in demanding environments. We are currently developing a drone detection and tracking system called MANTIS.  This work is being funded through a research grant provided by the UK Ministry of Defence.

MANTIS (MAchine learNing acousTIc Surveillance) is a system of distributed, intelligent acoustic sensors which use Artificial Intelligence methods for detection, classification and location estimation of drones and UAS, based on their acoustic signature.

The system offers wide-area deployment in complex environments, full 360⁰ tracking of multiple targets and ‘24/7’ autonomous operation. It can be used as a standalone system or integrated into layered Counter-UAS systems by connecting to common data interfaces.


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