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Bastech Trade Limited

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Unit 1, Lancaster Business Park
Cublington Road, Wing
Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom

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Bastech Trade Limited

Bastech Trade Ltd is the only UK based manufacturer of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) rebar: Bastec™ rebar. Bastec™ rebar offers numerous innovative benefits to construction and infrastructure industries. Offering an alternative and distinct advantage over steel rebar.

4.5 times lighter than steel
Tensile strength 2.5 times that of steel
Totally resistant to seawater / alkaline
Carbon footprint 60% less than steel – fully sustainable life cycle
30% Reduction in concrete coverage
Transparent to radio frequencies, non-conductive,
non-magnetic and UV

Sea wall and Marine related developments
Ground work foundations
Concrete Structures and slabs
Precast concrete units
Infrastructure - bridges & highways - Pavement
Sprayed Concrete installations
Submersed concrete structures

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