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Crowns & Coronets Ltd

Crowns & Coronets is a luxury British knitted textiles brand with pure and natural fibres at its heart. Each handcrafted piece is a beautiful tactile treasure and makes a gorgeous gift for friends, loved ones and yourself. The Crowns & Coronets HOME Collection of fabulous blankets, throws, rugs and cushions is crafted by hand from pure, dreamily soft, unspun wool using immense knitting needles. Giant knitting stitches give a wonderful texture and tactile quality to each piece. Unspun wool is wonderfully soft but tends to shed and pile so each piece is lightly and painstakingly felted to increase the strength of the fibres and add longevity.

The Little Crowns & Coronets Yak Baby collection is hand knitted and hand stitched in Britain from a blend of the purest Tibetan yak down with the finest sustainable and buttery soft bamboo. The rare and noble yak fibre is ethically sourced from Tibetan herders to ensure unrivalled luxury fit for little princes and princesses. Perfect for babies, these natural yarns are hypoallergenic and breathable while providing warmth that adjusts to the wearer and the climate.



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