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PARRS has been a UK manufacturer since 1886 and we are a proud member of the Made in Britain network.

We make our great Roll-Step here in the Midlands.  It is used by major British supermarkets and is, in our humble opinion, the highest quality kickstep stool you can buy.

Here's why:

  • It's a bolted one-piece unit - similar look alikes are supplied in two parts requiring self-assembly.  Often they are wrongly assembled resulting in Health and Safety issues.
  • Incredibly tough, durable injection moulded plastic construction; will not dent, scratch or rust like similar metal steps.
  • 'Built-in' textured tread surface prevents the user from slipping - similar steps have a 'glued on' grip that can become loose and cause accidents.
  • Mounted on three spring-loaded castors, Roll-Step can be relocated easily and smoothly, just push along with your foot.  Castors retract when weight is applied.
  • Protective PVC base bumper ring holds the step firmly to the floor preventing sliding, rolling or tipping.
  • Supplied with Health & Safety Data label detailing correct usage.


Apart from manufacturing our own products, we will always look to source products that are made in Britain.  We believe in investing in the British economy and are proud to carry the Made in Britain marque.

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