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Great British Meat Company
353A Dukesway Court
Team Valley Trading Estate
Tyne and Wear
NE11 0BH
United Kingdom

Tel. 0191 4489301

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Great British Meat Company

The founders of GBMC (Dan, Jamie and Sam), wanted to introduce the UK to a better way of buying meat, with the same values, skills and passion generations before ours had from their local butcher. To give people a chance to enjoy the flavour of carefully sourced and expertly crafted, freshly butchered British meat.


We're proud to source our meat from local farms, cattle markets and abattoirs near to us in North East England. Hard working independent farmers, who know and respect their animals and every inch of their farm. By trading this way we cut out middlemen and pay a better price for quality, that is fairer on the farmer and the customer.


All our meat is hand-cut to order by the GBMC butchery team at our Meaty HQ. Our Master Butcher is a stickler for quality, buying choice meat and maturing it until it's just right in our ageing room. Whether it's cutting, dicing or slicing, we make sure it's as tasty as can be, and that's why our meat is cut to order the day before it arrives with you.


We're really proud of our meat here at Great British Meat Company. It's sourced locally, and looked after by skilled butchers, (cutting out the middle-men), so we are able to cut it to our exact specification, ensuring only the best cuts make it to your plate.

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