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Honey Bee Candles

Summary: Honey Bee Candles® is a family business, that is completely plastic-free and palm-oil-free, based in England, United Kingdom. Priscilla and her daughter, Pravana, champion handmade products and specialise in 100% pure beeswax candles, handmade in small batches.

Our Story:

Priscilla started making hand-dipped candles for a charity initiative in 1978. She continued to volunteer for that charity until 1991.

When Priscilla had her long-awaited baby (Pravana) in the mid-90s, she became very aware of toxic substances in the home. Priscilla ensured that household cleaning products, carpets and fabrics were all natural and eco-friendly. Pravana was a healthy baby but her paediatrician warned that she was showing signs of developing asthma. Priscilla researched indoor air pollution and realised the dangers of using paraffin candles indoors. Priscilla has a Doctorate in Gender, Health and Development so soy candles were not an option because of concerns for biodiversity, GM seeds and ethical working conditions. Due to a scarcity of 100% pure beeswax candles, Priscilla started training to make her own beeswax candles.

Living on the beautiful wild coast of South Africa, Priscilla was very active in eco-conservation and preventing environmental pollution so our household has been reducing our single-use plastic usage from the early 1990s.

While teaching on the MSc in Social Interventions for Public Health at Imperial College London in 2003, Priscilla discussed the use of beeswax candles to reduce indoor air pollution and promote well-being. After several requests for candles from colleagues and students, Priscilla started making 100% pure beeswax candles for sale. This led to Honey Bee Candles with Pravana and the extended development of our product line to include: the Honey Bee Candle Stand, Honey Bee Wrap and Honey Bee Fire Starters.

Priscilla (Founder & Maker): "Once I became aware of the chemicals used to make soy wax and the petrochemicals in paraffin candles, I realised how important it was to use beeswax candles. I started Honey Bee Candles to provide high quality and handmade 100% pure beeswax candles."

Pravana (Priscilla's Daughter & Maker): "I am interested in natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. I like to work with my hands, whether it is crafting, candle-making or cooking- it makes a change from typing! I believe that it only takes a few small changes to live sustainably."

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