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HOwCLean UK is a Buckinghamshire based manufacturer of safe, affordable , non alcohol based sanitiser. With the challenges of the pandemic and from personal experience of trying to source non alcohol, non sting hand sanitiser for my young children I stumbled across a sanitiser called HOCL.  HOCL is a powerful proven sanitiser that kills 99.9999% of bacteria, is natural,  has no harmful chemicals, is child and pet safe (and can be used as disinfectant on cuts for both) and most importantly non-alcohol based. It is extensively used around the world however it is not widely used in the UK. Essentially HOCL is the scientific formula  for hypochlorous acid, a weak acid similar to a mild citrus juice. It is interestingly a substance naturally produced in the white blood cells of all mammals for healing and protection. Our product HOwCLean can be used as sanitiser on hands and skin as well as on hard or soft surfaces . 
As we had previously been involved in the robotic side of the print industry before the pandemic, we have repurposed those skills to make tunnels and door frames that can mist customers in a light coating of sanitiser as they enter an area or premises. This coating can last for several hours and can afford customers the confidence to venture out and into various businesses.

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