j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 Limited

Technology / Components

j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 Limited
1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove
N12 0DR
United Kingdom

Tel. 0845 8358851

Joined Jun 2016

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j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 Limited

With over 20 years’ experience in solving time-critical technology issues, j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 was formed to bring new technologies to bear on the unique challenges presented by fast-developing emergency situations. We support Emergency Services and other Critical Infrastructure services with tailored technology initiatives.

The j3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 team develops solutions to long-standing problems which meet return on investment and governance requirements. Our extensive technical capabilities can help your teams improve safety, communications, training and performance in your Command and Control area. Our team carries the appropriate accreditations to carry out security-sensitive tasks.

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