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Lewis Curzon Skincare

At Lewis Curzon Skincare we are tremendously proud of our commitment to continually strive to become a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious business.

This dedication to identifying and promoting positive environmental working practices – often at greater financial cost to our business than more widely-available, more traditional, less sustainable production methods and materials – underpins our entire ethos and existence as a business.

Sustainability is the compass which defines and guides our day-to-day decision-making.

'One World One Body' -

Our commitment can be seen from the inspiration behind Lewis Curzon Skincare’s own brand of cosmetic and toiletries products – ‘One World One Body’ (in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects). ‘One World One Body’ harmonises our two key objectives as a business :

  • Improving environmental and sustainability practices and awareness ; and
  • Improving skincare hygiene and awareness of the tangible health benefits resulting from a healthy skincare routine.

The ‘One World One Body’ logo printed on each of our Lewis Curzon Skincare own-brand products demonstrates the bond between personal, individual, care and global environmental care and consciousness.

One cannot be sustained without the other. We only have one body to look after and nurture. We only have one planet Earth to look after and be responsible for.

Our Sustainability Pledge

At Lewis Curzon Skincare we are keen for our sustainability commitments to be seen to be more than just words and ‘marketing speak’. It matters deeply to us that our words are backed up by clear, inspiring, action – action to inspire and engage our clients and customers, wherever they are based throughout the world – to show how we can all take decisive and positive action, now, to safeguard our planet’s future for many future generations.

That is why we are extremely proud to have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden works globally to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year (more information about Eden’s vital and inspiring work can be found at: www.edenprojects.org).

Every 15p donated to Eden from the sale of our ‘One World One Body‘-branded cosmetic and toiletries products will result in a tree being planted.

We are therefore extremely proud to pledge :

  • 15p from the sale of every ‘One World One Body’ Travel-Size Luxury Hand Cleanser (i.e. 1 tree planted by Eden) ;
  • 30p from the sale of every ‘One World One Body’ Shower Gel (i.e. 2 trees planted by Eden) ;
  • 75p from the sale of every ‘One World One Body’ Hand Wash (i.e. 5 trees planted by Eden) ; and
  • £1.50 from the sale of every ‘One World One Body’ Eau De Toilette (i.e. 10 trees planted by Eden).

Our commitment to provide on-going financial support to Eden Reforestation Projects is printed on every single ‘One World One Body’ product label – together with the reminder that, by supporting our business and purchasing our products, you are not only looking after your hands, body and skin – you are helping to create real, positive, change in how we all take care of our planet, too.

Get In Touch -

For more information on the environmental initiatives and success-stories which we currently support – together with any feedback or ideas which you may have as to how Lewis Curzon Skincare can continue to become a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious business – we would love to hear from you.

Please do get in touch via email at : info@lewiscurzonskincare.com, and we will be delighted to discuss our sustainability pledge and environmentally-conscious working practices with you.

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