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Mako Boardsports Ltd.

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Mako Boardsports Ltd.

Motorised surfing is the latest in-vogue activity to hit the waters across the globe combining the excitement of speed and engines with discovering new limits, adrenalin-fuelled experiences or just going for a relaxing leisurely ride.

The Slingshot, from Mako Boardsports, is a quick and agile carbon fiber jet-propelled surfboard complete with the right combination of sophisticated technology and sleek design aesthetic. Inspired by the shark of the same name, the Mako Slingshot articulates a clear expression of nature’s genius. The sharply defined squalene silhouette conceals cutting-edge technology and blistering power. Like its namesake, the Slingshot looks fast, feels fast and moulds classic surf and wakeboard elements into a modern package, with all the performance benefits of a traditional watercraft yet easily and conveniently stored, and is light enough to carry anywhere.

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