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Moving Designs Ltd

Moving Designs Ltd is a leading UK Manufacturer of Acoustic Movable Walls & Sliding Folding Partitions. To compliment our range of partitions we are also able to offer our stunning range of glass partitions and acoustic products including sound board and the Soft dB sound masking technology.
Our acoustically rated partitions are engineered to the highest possible standard and can meet the highest safety requirements. They have been installed in a diverse range of sectors including Education, Hospitality, Conference and Religious sectors and can be supplied in an almost endless choice of colours and easy to clean surface finishes from laminate and veneers to dry wipe. Our partitions are designed and installed to provide varying degrees of sound control, encompassing the mitigation of any unwanted sound
Acoustic partitions are not only an effective way to maintain the increasing demand for social distancing but there is the potential to maximise revenue by sub-dividing larger area into smaller safer spaces. Acoustic partitions are a great way to get more out of your space allowing it to be maximised and re-comfigured to suit your needs.
Our stunning range of glass partitions are superior by design and are a modern and refreshing way to modernise your space, whilst adding a sense of openness allowing natural light to flood in. We offer an expansive range of innovative systems whilst focusing on aesthetics without detracting from performance.
The stylish Serenity Ceiling and Wall panels are designed to provide excellent sound absorption whilst enhancing the decor of any room. Our Serenity Wall panels provide the important function of absorbing sound across the entire frequency range, whether its commercial, hospitality or educational settings, in fact any area where excessive reverberation is a problem.
Finally, our Soft dB Sound Masking System is one of the most cost effective things a business can do to reduce unwanted noise and increase speech privacy. Sound masking is a specifically tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech reducing it intelligibilty. 


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