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Ooznest Limited

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The Yard, Old Crown Lane
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United Kingdom

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Ooznest Limited

Based here in the UK, we are the brainchild of Cambridge graduate Ryan Lock, a man who was fascinated by 3D printing & CNC technology right from the moment it hit the airwaves. He saw the potential right away and set about making this scary-sounding idea more accessible for everyone. From the smallest enthusiast through to high-end manufacturing, Ryan believes this technology is the future.

Our flagship machine, the WorkBee CNC Machine, is an open source router bringing manufacturing back to the home. The WorkBee CNC Router Kit gives users the ability to make functional parts from Wood, Plastics, and Aluminium.

It is suitable for a whole host of people and applications. Aspiring hobbyists, Engineers, Manufacturers, Woodworkers, and even Researchers can increase their productivity and services by having a WorkBee.

We assemble the WorkBee CNC Machine kits in Britain, and have built up a well-respected reputation for our excellent customer service.

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