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A British PPE and medical device manufacturer supplying a range of products to the NHS, Ambulance Services and wider healthcare sector both domestically and overseas.

Orvecare's product ranges include the following:

 - British made PPE such as Type IIR Surgical Face Masks and Coverall Garments.

- British made medical devices such as the ORVEWRAP+ (a passive warming device used in operating theatres and emergency situations), single use Ambulance Linen Packs, Fitted Cot Sheets and Multimovers/Carry Sheets (positional aids).

- Tactical responder products such as pressure bandages and specialist rescue blankets.

Orvecare is a division of Orvec International Limited, a specialist converter of non-woven and woven textiles.  The Orvecare product range is predominantly manufactured at Orvecare's manufacturing plant in Hull, Yorkshire.

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