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SAHP is a UK-based global business, which has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the field of solar assisted heat pump water heating technology. 

Our focus is to, via the development of advanced environmentally friendly energy saving products,  help resist climate change and reduce energy consumption. Our manufacturing site has more than 40 years experience in the production and global supply of heat pumps. We have applied this advanced understanding of heat pump technologies in the development of our highly innovative superior hot water systems that are manufactured in the UK.

The globally approved, award-winning SAHP product range has been designed and built to last as well as meet the demands of global territories and respective authoritative demands. 

Our product range can be best described as ‘a fridge in reverse’. Most people understand that the panel on the back of their fridge is an important factor in keeping its contents cold. 

Reversing this principle by using an aluminium evaporator (panel) to absorb heat rather than reject heat, allows us to utilise the ambient air temperature (day and night, all year) to change the refrigerant liquid circulating through the panel from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

The returning refrigerant, now heated and in a gaseous state is then compressed and heated further. The compressed refrigerant is then passed through a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the water, heating it up to 55C. 

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