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SoloProtect Limited

SoloProtect is the UK's leading lone worker safety and security solution provider.

SoloProtect works alongside employers to deliver comprehensive safety solutions to their personnel - equipping them with a dedicated personal safety device, or mobile application to raise the alarm should they be the victim of aggression or injury. Supported by a UK-based, 24-7-365 Alarm Receiving Centre - SoloProtect handles all alarms on the client's behalf, escalating as appropriate, including to the Emergency Services where necessary.

SoloProtect provides a range of device form-factors across its solution range, and is the manufacturer of two lone worker devices. The SoloProtect ID and The SoloProtect ID Pro - both of which are made in the UK, and have ID card form-factors for easy application and discreet use.

SoloProtect has nearly fifteen years' experience in the sector and continues to work with clients in all sectors to help reduce physical risk to personnel, and manage financial risk to the employing organisation. 

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