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Trakm8 Ltd

Trakm8 is the recognised leader in technology solutions for fleet management, insurance telematics, optimisation and dashboard camera systems. Trakm8’s cutting edge technology offerings are adaptable for fleets of all sizes; providing intelligent, game-changing insights that can improve fleet efficiency and reduce risk across fleet operations.

Working alongside some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including the AA, Iceland Foods and Scottish Power, Trakm8 goes beyond vehicle tracking to provide fleets with a customisable business intelligence platform, providing greater insight into a range of key areas – from carbon emissions and fuel expenditure, to road safety and driver behaviour.

Among the innovations in Trakm8’s technology portfolio is Trakm8 Optimisation, the award-winning optimisation software that is proven to cut fleet fuel spend by 20%, and bolster productivity by upwards of 33%. Suitable for almost any mobile workforce – from logistics and home delivery specialists, to utilities and service engineers – Trakm8 Optimisation has a proven track record of delivering ROI in a matter of months.

Another key addition to the Trakm8 offering is its RH600 Dashboard Camera, which combines an in-cab camera system with the same technologies found in Trakm8’s most sophisticated telematics devices. The RH600 includes a flexible camera which can be positioned anywhere in the cab, alongside an industry-leading diagnostics provision, which enables fleet managers to save time and money on the identification of underlying vehicle faults.

Recognising the importance of asset maintenance, Trakm8’s Connectedcare package provides enhanced vehicle status and health data insight to vehicle and plant OEMs, alongside leasing or hire companies. The innovative technology ensures assets are better maintained, ultimately delivering higher residual value and opening up additional revenue opportunities with companies able to proactively signpost vehicle users to authorised service, maintenance and repair partners.

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