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Richard Bowness Ltd

If the thought of cutting up your next load of logs sounds too much like hard work, then you'll be pleased to be introduced to Truncator - a revolutionary new product which makes chopping logs faster, easier and safer too.

Whether your need to cut logs is for personal use - perhaps stocking wood burners and multi fuel stoves - use on small holdings or for more advanced industrial reasons, the Truncator saw horse offers a number of benefits over and above competitors including:

Quick and easy to use - capable of sawing up to 60 logs in just 60 seconds with both safety and ease
Adjustable - in both height and width of log
Extremely lightweight and easy to use - Truncator weighs only 24kg and is designed at 1.8m in height
Cost effective - save time and money by cutting multiple logs at once
No more bad backs - the unique tipping mechanism allows logs to be tipped straight into a wheelbarrow 
Portable - with foldable trestle legs which allow for easy storage and manoeuvre
Efficient - cuts logs of the same size - much easier to stack and store
Safe - the unique secure cord system holds logs to stop them spinning and flying out
Practical - Truncator holds even very bent wood

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