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TS-Space Systems

TS-Space Systems is a well established UK physics group that has been supporting the aerospace industry through their test services and products since 1984.

Our in-house testing services provide standard ESA/NASA thermal vacuum cycling testing, outgassing testing, thermal vacuum bakeout and high intensity UV exposure testing. Our extensive knowledge and experience in vacuum physics means we are happy to help you design and modify your test or undertake 'R & D' contracts at competitive prices.

With over 30 years working the aerospace industry, we also have long-term experience in designing and building high-vacuum thermal cycling chambers, shrouds and bespoke rapid thermal cycling equipment. Thus, we can supply complete thermal vacuum systems, or use our expertise to customise existing chambers.

We also design and manufacture our own products and are world leaders in solar simulators for photovoltaic testing, with our close spectral match solar simulators being used across the globe in world-leading laboratories. Our award winning  Unisim solar simulators is used in both research and development work as well as 24/7 production facilities and is regularly cited in the latest research literature.

Product support is very important to us. Training is provided at our premises where customers can take advantage of one-on-one tuition with the instrument designers and learn how to operate and maintain their tools. Extensive support via phone and email for the full lifetime of the instrument is included with every TS-Space Systems product.

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