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V-Health Passport

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V-Health Passport

Introducing the V-Health Passport

The V-Health Passport™ is a simple to use I.D system that can display various health status’ about the passport holder in the most secure way.

V-Health Passport™, VCode® Scan permissions also allow other items to be viewed from the issued Passport such as travel and event tickets.

Once the public user has registered their details via the V-Health Passport™ portal or mobile phone application (available on both Androidand iOS), they can request an appointment from one of our global test centres via the V-Health Platform™.

V-Health Passport™ also has a built in contact tracing element named ‘True Contact’ which alerts users when they have been in contact with one another.

Once a member of the public has signed up for their V-Health Passport™ account by visiting the platform or by downloading the app on Android or iOS, they can search our test centre network for a test or purchase a home test to self certify.

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