13 APR: Digital networking

Many of us have over the years networked through conferences, exhibitions, and social gathering.  From an early age we have learned the skills of introduction from reading to training courses.  In fact, we have all been networking from the first day we were taken to a family gathering or attended our first school.
Over the last year things have been turned on their head. Limitations on business events and business gatherings have been brought to a halt.  Now in 2021 the way we grow our networks has been reduced to a two-dimensional video conference call using one of the multitude of platforms available online.
What are the rules? How do we approach this new way of networking?  What skills are required?  

In this session, Nigel Packer, digital strategy consultant (and active contributor to #madeinbritainhour) will talk us through the four P's of networking (preparation, participation, pursue, propagate) and will explain how these work in a digital environment.  

Nigel runs a successful consultancy and training practice, Pelatis Online and has worked with multinational high end manufacturers to small family run businesses helping them understand their customers in a digital environment. For the last 20 years his focus has been on the internet and the strategies that help his clients profit from their online business activities, advising and guiding through the complexities of doing business online.

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