26 JAN 2021: Show & Sell | Buddy Burst & Flowerap

This webinar-style sales and marketing show is exclusively for members of Made in Britain. Each week we will be joined by members who will showcase their business and product(s). 

In this session we are joined by...

Buddy Burst who sprouted up in 2016 when founder and former ad man Jamie Gray decided to combine his marketing know-how with his deep-rooted passion for sustainability. Noticing a severe lack of eco-friendly products in the UK promotions market, Jamie set out to offer companies a sustainable way to increase their awareness. Buddy Burst offers a wide range of seed-based products that companies can customise to best suit their brand messaging and goals.

Flowerap, think of the bottle in the bag but for flowers, that's what Flowerap make. It is a product that provides a solution for turning a bunch of flowers into a beautifully presented gift in a well-designed, elegant box finished with an ivory ribbon and a gift tag.  A bespoke droplet tray fits snugly into the base of the box to avoid water leakages whilst transporting flowers.  No more plastic bags needed!

The session will be hosted by our very own John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, and anyone who joins the session will have an opportunity to ask questions to either member and also to John about anything related to Made in Britain.

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