Demand for goods made in Britain is booming - join us to find out why

John Pearce will present the 3rd annual Buying British survey findings to a live audience for the first time. Highlights from the consumer and business surveys will be brought to life via infographics which will later be available to download via a bespoke member pack. Chance to share some of the media coverage achieved on the survey, including the lead Express piece. As well as sharing the survey findings with members, the purpose of the webinar is to highlight the importance of product provenance, the increased appetite for buying British as well as the importance of the registered Made in Britain mark for their business. 

Who is the session designed for?

Members (to highlight the importance of product provenance as well as the importance of the registered Made in Britain mark for their business)

Date and time

11am  on 11 January 2022. Click here to book now.

Event format

Online presentation followed by Q&A (watch, learn then interact). There will also be an exclusive member pack to download.

Outline content

  • Overview of survey findings (business and consumer)
  • Key survey stats (with highlights via infographics)
  • Exclusive member pack walk through (infographic download pack - this will include a handful of infographics that bring to life some of the key survey findings - these will include a watermark of the Made in Britain logo and can be used in presentations, marketing and social media)


John Pearce, CEO, Made in Britain

John was once affectionately described as a ‘factory-visit junkie’ by chairman Chris Harrop. Since joining Made in Britain in April 2015 he’s certainly developed a healthy obsession with provenance marketing and the amazing stories members tell of their businesses, some stretching back more than 100 years.





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