Improve your chances of doing business with the Ministry of Defence

An online event to be held on Tuesday 20 April, 10am-12noon and is open to all Made in Britain members

THE Ministry of Defence (MOD) has incredibly diverse needs. It buys everything from salt to socks, rope to floor coverings, packaging to hinges, and much more.

The MOD’s procurement is run by an organisation called Leidos and it manages the inventories of food, packed fuels, clothing, medical materials and general supplies. Leidos procures tens of thousands of different items across those areas.

Now, here’s the best bit.

Leidos will present exclusively to Made in Britain members for two hours, explaining what it procures on behalf of the UK’s Ministry of Defence, how to find out about opportunities and how to respond to them.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said, “This is the biggest and best opportunity our members will have this year, to learn how to become a supplier to the MOD with Leidos. No matter what your business makes, the MOD may well need to procure it – give your business the opportunity to get closer to the decision-makers, so they can buy products that are made closer to where they are needed.

“All the procurement stars are aligned right now for businesses making vital supplies for the MOD. We’re aiming to build a deep and lasting relationship with Leidos and the MOD, enabling them to trust the Made in Britain mark in identifying high-quality goods made by exemplary manufacturers.”

As with all public contracts, Leidos has to follow all the government’s regulations. All its opportunities are posted on Contracts Finder: or Find a Contract for larger contracts: But Leidos has been working towards simplifying the process and the company is keen to find out more about what Made in Britain members can offer. The Leidos website site includes upcoming opportunities:

This is a great opportunity for individual Made in Britain members to identify commercial opportunities, as well as collectively to impress members’ strength and diversity on a key procuring authority. The ideal outcome will be working more closely with Leidos and seeing increasing numbers of Made in Britain companies selling to the MOD.

Speakers at the online event will include leadership from the Ministry of Defence, Leidos and Made in Britain. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A. Questions can also be sent in advance to:

The MOD procurement event, Tuesday 20th April, 10am-12 noon

1.      Welcome, introductions and agenda, Edward Askew, Leidos Supply
2.      Welcome to Made in Britain members, Camilla Hadcock, Roach Bridge Tissues
3.      Opening remarks, Simon Hutchings, MOD
4.      Introduction to Leidos, Damian Alexander/Huw Jenkins (TBC), Leidos
5.      What we procure for UK Armed Forces, Edward Askew, Leidos
6.      How to find out about our opportunities, Matt Coote, Leidos
7.      How to respond to our opportunities, Emile Sharp-Ruddock, Leidos
8.      Closing statements, Edward Askew and Camilla Hadcock 
9.      Q&A from Made in Britain members

You can register to attend the event now at this web page:

More information will be available in due course.            

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