Join one of our regular ‘Make the most of membership’ sessions

MADE in Britain is opening up its former ‘welcome sessions’ to members who might not be new to the organisation. When existing members heard about the online meetings that are held for new members, many commented on the usefulness of the content and asked to be allowed to attend one.

So, we have renamed the sessions ‘Make the most of your membership’ and are now extending the invitation to all members. They are held every week, on a Wednesday morning.  The sessions will be hosted by Made in Britain's chief operations officer Ilika Copeland.

Click here to see when the next available sessions are. You need to be logged in to your member account with the website to see this page.

These sessions will be useful to all members but particularly those who feel they are not taking full advantage of their membership. There is so much more to membership than just the licensing of the Made in Britain mark. Attending is particularly relevant if:

• you want to re-engage with your membership
• you have taken on the membership as part of your role and are not sure what you can do with it
• you need a reminder of how you should be using the membership

Two people from each member organisation can attend, so please bring a colleague to be:

• welcomed personally
• network with other new members
• shown how to make the most of your licensing of the Made in Britain mark
• how to make the most of their membership
• introduced to an established member to hear how they use the mark and their membership

To find out now how you can get more out of Made in Britain membership, we have prepared a quick reference guide, so click here.

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