Made in Britain membership fees to be reviewed

THE Made in Britain organisation will be reviewing its membership tiers and fees in 2021. The review will take place from January to June 2021 and the board of directors will make an announcement after the annual general meeting on 28 October. Changes will come into effect from 1 December 2021, the start of the organisation’s fiscal year.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said, “Members who’ve been with us from the start will be aware that we have altered our pricing and tier structure only once since 2015. As a marketing and trade representation organisation, funded entirely by membership fees, we aim to provide the highest possible value for money, whilst working tirelessly to find new ways to help our members sell more of what they make.”

In 2021 Made in Britain will be promoting its new product directory, launched in November 2020, as well as its new green growth programme for members, due to launch in the spring. Investment in these new marketing and PR activities was made in advance of their roll-out and the decision was taken in 2020 to postpone changes to tiers and fees in what was a very challenging year for many sectors.

Made in Britain is a not-for-profit private company limited by guarantee. It’s current tier structure and fees can be seen here.

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