Members can stream all our valuable webinars from the Made in Britain website

SINCE October 2020 Made in Britain has held an informative webinar every week, sometimes two a week. (We had short breaks at Christmas and during the summer.)

These webinars are available to members only and are part of the value we add to membership and the licensing of the official Made in Britain mark. Our webinars feature renowned, often world-class experts in the four pillars of support we offer members: sales, marketing, PR and export. They are filled with great, practical advice for manufacturers.

We know that it's not always convenient to turn up for a webinar at the appointed time, so we record these sessions and post them in the members' area so that they can be streamed, watched at a time that suits the viewer rather than the producer. Of course, streaming viewers will miss out on the interactivity and Q&As but only in contributing. We keep the questions and answers in the recording.

If you have missed any of our webinars or would like to watch them again, you need to access the site with your member login. Then come back to this page and click on any of the links below.

Enjoy some educational streaming video, on us. Non-members can find out how to join Made in Britain here.

This link will take you to the home page for webinar videos. You must be logged in to the site to see them. Scroll down until you find something you like the look of, or click 'next' at the bottom of the page. Some stories in this section are not webinars but all the ones we've done are in there.

Alternatively, here is a list of all our webinar videos by linked title. Simply click the title to watch.

2022 webinars

Stream the webinar on cyber security

Stream the webinar on how to sell to government

Stream the clothing and apparel Green Growth get together

Tangerine talks about brand building on Instagram

Stream the fantastic webinar on making your brand identity work harder

Stream the first Green Growth Get Together with focus on the home and living sector

Stream the webinar on internationalising your Amazon sales

NHS procurement 'meet the buyer' session

Selling to the MOD. Presentation by procurement agency Leidos

Using storytelling to communicate your value proposition

Hot topics in PR with Frame PR

Copywriting with Continuous

The Buying British Survey 2021 results webinar

2021 webinars

Building your brand on Istagram

How can artificial intelligence help your manufacturing business?

Green Growth experiences from Footprint and Muggi

Selling to the MOD

Branding from Mark Earls

Inclusive leadership for sustainable businesses

Amazing webinar on augmented reality

Members briefing on Europe Trade Month

Protecting your brand in a crisis

Green Growth reflections

Partner and channel marketing

Twitter masterclass

Exporting to Australia

Info-packed factor-a webinar about selling on Amazon

Government funding for SMEs in England to break into new overseas markets

Green Growth webinar on the circular economy

Optimising your influencer marketing investments, with Takumi

LinkedIn Masterclass

Exporting to North America

Getting to grips with customer segmentation

Calculating climate risk

Effective copywriting and content marketing

Twitter masterclass

R&D tax credits

Protecting your IP

Marketing digitally using paid search

Marketing and trading in a virtual world harnessing digital technology

Practical PR

The customer journey

LinkedIn masterclass

Newsletters and email marketing

Digital networking for marketing and sales

Social media paid-for advertising


Optimise your website

Brand-building for manufacturers

Marketing advice discussion

iLockerz show and sell

Conversation with the minister for exports

Marketing advice

Presentation from Flowerap's Arpana Hathi

Thorn and Exel Show and Sell

Establishing and maintaining virtual relationships

Exporting with the International Trade Portal

Supplying to HM government

Using the mark

Practical PR (1)

Setting a post-COVID, post-Brexit marketing strategy

Growth and scale-up

Selling on Amazon

Green marketing webinar 1: life-cycle analysis

Green marketing webinar 2: carbon footprinting

Green marketing webinar 3: what is net-zero?

Audio recording of the Made in Britain PR webinar

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