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EXPERT speakers on sales and branding will be among the highlights of a packed programme at the Coventry Transport Museum on 21 May.

Simon White is a business development coach and he will tell you how to get the most out of attending a trade show, covering stand positioning, how to engage prospects, qualifying and following up.
Frank van den Berg is managing director at InfinityBlue and he is an expert in expanding sales online, including overseas, and the use of webshops and online marketplaces. Do you know the difference? Frank does. 
Nick Liddell is director of consulting at brand specialist The Clearing and he explains why brands exist. Do you know what anthropomorphism is? Nick will tell you. And you'll know how to build a brand strategy, too. 

These are just three of the acknowledged experts in sales and marketing on the Coventry Roadshow agenda. There will also be PR professionals, export experts and environmental advisors in the packed programme. Plus you get access to the superb Coventry Transport Museum as well.

Tickets for members are just £50, with discounts on multiple bookings. Non-members will pay £250 to attend.

Full details of the day can be seen here and information about the three other Roadshow locations can be found here.

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