Scale-up and growth


13 OCT 2020

Hosted by Made in Britain's CEO John Pearce, this session he will be joined by motivational speaker Jay Allen who will be talking about Make it BIG: Grow your business.

Jay will talk about the thought process of most SME business owners in comparison to some of the largest businesses and richest business owners in the world. It looks at the statistics of SME business owners that are SCALING, those who are GROWING and those who are FAILING and identifies what has to be done differently to achieve transformation results for you and your business. 

“If we always do what we’ve always done; we’ll always have, what we have already” is a saying most of us know, yet so many business owners continue to do the same thing day in day out for months and years expecting a different result. In a digital age, we’ve got to work digitally and understand how to adapt our businesses accordingly to benefit from the World Wide Web and all being on a global playing field can offer.

In this session, Jay shares the 5 categories of business success versus the 3 flaws preventing it, followed by an opportunity for members to ask questions to Jay related to growing your business.

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