Thorn Lighting shines a light on the future of manufacturing

MORE than 100 delegates registered to attend the webinar with member Thorn Lighting to learn how the company is turning 90 years of legacy into a bright, optimistic future for the sector. 

Neil Raithatha, head of marketing UK and IE at Thorn Lighting, told Made in Britain, “It’s not just how Thorn got to where they are now after more than 90 years, it’s where the business is heading into 2021 with innovation, brand new ideas, sustainable planning and bursting with energy for Britain’s infrastructure and social environments – indoors and outside. Joining Made in Britain and seeing all the other incredible brands in the family, we’re really delighted to be part of the progressive, optimistic future for the UK and overseas.” 

John Pearce, CEO Made in Britain said, “As a factory-visit obsessive, this was the perfect tonic for me personally, to see ‘virtually’ inside the Spennymoor plant with videos and vivid descriptions of how they achieve such incredibly high standards in every aspect of the manufacturing and service delivery process.”

You can watch a recording of the Thorn webinar here: You will have to register with GoTo to access the presentation. Please bear in mind this event is not hosted by Made in Britain.

Thorn will be partnering with Made in Britain early in the new year to appear on the pilot series of sales webinars, NETWORK: Show and sell. Here members of Made in Britain will be able to present their products and their businesses to other members. The objective is to give members a marketing platform without charge, to sell directly to an audience that is keen to buy more Made in Britain products. 

By Made in Britain 5 months ago | Made in Britain news

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