We can help you meet the diverse needs of the Ministry of Defence

MADE in Britain is working closely with Ministry of Defence (MOD) procurement experts Leidos to help members supply a wide range of non-combat products.

The  MOD doesn't just buy tanks, ships and guns. Far from it. The diverse needs of the organisation go way beyond combat items and reach into product sectors that are well catered for by members of Made in Britain. Leidos will be holding a two-hour webinar just for Made in Britain members on 20 April. At this event the true breadth of the MOD's needs will be made clear, along with information on how to meet those needs as a supplier.

Leidos uses these categories for its procurement activities:

  • General supplies e.g. cleaning products, glues, flooring
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Veterinary
  • Ceremonial clothing

Working from the list published on the Leidos website, Made in Britain has compiled this inventory of items that it believes members could supply:

Rock salt
Floor coverings 
Dog food
Combat garments 
Leather gloves 
Locks, keys and hinges 
Badges/buttons/medal ribbons
Jerricans and associated consumables
Catering equipment 
Wool workwear
Operational ration packs 
Pesticides, insecticides and rodenticides 
Bedding, mattresses, cloths and furniture covers
Adhesives, tapes and sealants
Janitorial supplies
Chemicals including domestic and specialist cleaning products
Batteries and associated items
X-ray systems
Industrial gases
Medical O2 for divers

Incredible, isn't it? If you think you could supply the Ministry of Defence with any of the above, or the many other items it needs, sign up for the Leidos/Made in Britain webinar on 20 April and see how you can get involved. Follow this link to register: https://leidosuk.webex.com/leidosuk/onstage/g.php?MTID=e334a629bc8befab500ac84df15d9cd81

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