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Where can members meet up with manufacturing colleagues, provenance marketers and experts from Lloyds Bank and the Department for International Trade all under one roof? Made in Britain marketing workshops, bring together specialists in their field to help your business with unique insight, ideas and exclusive content from the heart of British SME manufacturing.


Our March workshop in Manchester demonstrated that British manufacturing is at the very forefront of solving the toughest environmental and resource issues - delivering the Circular Economy right now. There are lots of ways members who were unable to take part can take advantage of the resources and contacts from the event. 

Using your Made in Britain membership as a resource

Made in Britain workshops never fail to highlight the community spirit of the manufacturing industry. It’s the lasting bonds that are forged between British manufacturers when they attend that are key to a thriving sector.  Made in Britain’s CEO, John Pearce, encouraged members to reach out, firstly to each other: “Pick up the phone and speak to another member. Establishing a supply and demand link with another British company is the best thing you can do today. Members will always be interested to hear from others in manufacturing.”

From shorter delivery times to dealing in the same currency, the benefits of working with another British business are vast.

Keith Freegard, Director of Axion Polymers, said: “The breadth and range of membership is incredible. The workshop has made me realise what a valuable resource my Made in Britain membership is.

“It's been fantastic to network with so many potential customers and see so many types of products in one place – you don’t get direct marketing opportunities better than this. I see Made in Britain as a significant force in manufacturing and can’t wait to make connections through my membership.”

Tap into the trend of British-made goods

The enduring trend of buying British was something all our members reported on during this workshop. Darwen Terracotta in particular has noted a huge increase in demand for its products.

Jon Wilson said: “Particularly with prominent architects, they like to know where each element was made so they can reach their end vision. Most clients we work with want British products above all else. It’s a massive trend that shows no sign of slowing down.”

It’s clear British products have appeal both domestically and internationally and, as a result of this, manufacturers are key in growing the British economy. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Lloyds Bank. They have set up a unit solely to help British manufacturers expand their operations. Members of Made in Britain get guided access to the unique ITP ( International Trade Portal ) service to find all the insight into trade around in the world in your manufactured product. It can also help you avoid unnecessary trips abroad. All you need to get started is your HS/Commodity Code.  

They said: “Our motto is ‘help Britain prosper’. As an organisation, we’ve realised the value manufacturers have in helping us do this. Last year we helped over 2,000 businesses achieve their exporting goals and look forward to doing even more of this work within Made in Britain membership.”

Discover the international appeal of British products

For Made in Britain members wanting to expand their operations overseas, the Department for International Trade believes the timing couldn’t be better.

Representing DIT in the North West region, International Trade Advisor Malcolm Arnold was keen to remind members that they needn't be distracted by the current political exchanges in the media. He said in his presentation: “The reality is, other countries are prepared to spend more on a British product.”

 Malcolm said that international businesses look to Britain for quality, innovation, value and a reliable and friendly service. They value British manufacturers for their honesty, problem-solving abilities and dedication to building long-term relationships. He said: “Britain is held in a higher regard internationally than you may think.”  For manufacturers wanting to export British products, Malcolm believes it’s just a case of making simple tweaks. In particular, internationalising your website to include different language options and uploading images of your factory can dramatically increase enquiries from international businesses.

Malcolm added: “It’s all about providing confidence, credibility and comfort to potential customers.”

 DIT are promoting the #ExportingisGREAT portal to all manufacturers and other businesses in Britain that are looking to boost their visibility overseas and at home. For more information about the services DIT provide, click here. 

Be the first to hear valuable insights | Don’t get your manufacturing news second hand – hear it first at a Made in Britain workshop.

 Our next event will be hosted by manufacturing giants, Vauxhall, in Luton on Wednesday 18th April. Join us for an event packed with industry insights, expert speakers and provenance marketing tips. Book your tickets today.

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