AE2041 NOx Air Quality Analyser

Manufactured by We Care 4 Air Ltd

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Product Description

The aeris® AE2041 NO/NO2/NOX chemiluminescence analyser incorporates a single-channel design for simplified operation and maximum reliability. Optimised for roadside and city applications due to the unique measurement of NO and NOX from the same sample volume. NOX, NO, NO2 concentrations are corrected for temperature, pressure and flow changes and can be displayed in volumetric or mass concentrations. The easy access drop down front panel includes a clear, colourful and easy to read built-in data display for trends, averages, status and historical information in numerical and graphical formats. Intuitive menu screens provide clear access to all available options and instrument setup. The optimum measuring range is automatically selected for the display and RS232 outputs for each parameter. Values are reported as floating point numbers with one part per trillion resolution avoiding range selection. Extended Memory capacity is incorporated in all aeris® series analysers providing recorded data to be downloaded on site or remotely utilising MECOMM utility software or any computer terminal program.

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We Care 4 Air Ltd


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