Evogro Cabinet EC40132-WS

Manufactured by Evogro Ltd

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Our goal is to help you to grow the best possible plants. Not only do we want every crop to be of the highest possible standard but we also want to offer the widest possible choice of plant varieties. This means the system needs to be flexible because different plants have different needs.

The production of crops should also match your desired pattern of consumption. This means the system needs to be capable of a continuous rolling production with different crops at different stages of growth. To deliver this  production consistently the system also needs to be reliable. 

And the system needs to be simple to use and require minimal effort to maintain.

When developing the Evogro system these were the issues we set out to solve: quality, flexibility, reliability and simplicity. Our solution is the Evogro Plant Growing System: a complete integrated system that combines cabinets, cloud software, app software and consumables. All the parts work together to make growing easy.

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Evogro Ltd


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