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Our Foundation Unit Trench Support (FUTS) systems are ready to deploy and don't require personnel access, making them extremely efficient to install and remove before concreting.

Severe weather in the UK can lead to significant delays for house builders and trenches can become flooded and dangerous. The FUTS system eliminates the risk of trench collapse and no matter the weather or ground conditions, the unit will support trench walls, even when flooded, ensuring low costs and high productivity.

The model is available in a range of trench box sizes and can be used in multiples to continuously support a length of trench.

The unique design allows installation and removal to be completed in minutes. As suction pressures are significantly reduced during the extraction of the unit, quick redeployment cycle times can be achieved in a safe and timely manner. Compared to traditional shoring systems, our ready to deploy systems will save significant amounts of time and money.

How can a ShoreTrench system improve your site experience?

  • A fully pre-assembled system ready to deploy in an instant.
  • Enables concrete pouring at a fast pace, minimising costly waiting times.
  • Greatly reduces risk of collapse, safeguarding both your personnel and your schedule.
  • Reduces excessive material usage on site, keeping your costs down and your site clear.
  • Patented interlocking mechanism, which is quick to position, requires no initial assembly and no manual lifting.

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