Leo Minor Firebox Barbeque - Stainless Steel Flat Pack Portable

Manufactured by 6 Elements Outdoor Living Ltd.

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Additional Sales Information: Please contact Jamie at 6 Elements Outdoor Living for all retail enquiries. We also design and manufacture product ranges for outdoor living businesses requiring their own branded outdoor equipment.

Product Description

When you need something functional, robust and rugged to cook on, that takes up little volume and space during travel, the Leo Minor Flat Pack Barbeque is your faithful companion.

Leo Minor (The Little Lion) has been specifically designed for all outdoor enthusiasts, forest schools, scout and guide groups, for functional cooking use in a more rugged outdoor environment.

Leo Minor is constructed from 7 accurately cut plates that each interlock and slot together to create a self-supporting structure. Inserting two stainless steel lynch pins in each of the side plates creates a completely solid and safe mini barbeque structure.

Once sited on a stable level surface, pans, kettles and skillets can also be used to cook over the Leo Minor grill area.

Full product details and specifications can be found on our website.

Manufacturer Profile

6 Elements Outdoor Living Ltd.

Home & Living / Garden

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