Optimus+ Red Noise at Work Sound Level Meter

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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Product Description

The Optimus+ Red has been specifically designed as a noise at work sound level meter. It meets the requirements of the UK/EU Control of Noise at Work Regulations, as well as several other international standards and is equipped with all the functionality you need to help you protect people from noise in the workplace.

Key features

  • Simultaneous measurement and capture of all key noise parameters, so you never have to worry about missing something crucial or taking multiple measurements for the same thing
  • AuditStore™ technology, to safeguard your measurement data against tampering and manipulation
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design, so it can be used comfortably for longer periods of time
  • 1:1 octave band analysis available, to help you better understand the noise in your workplace and choose the most appropriate hearing protection for your teams
  • Bluetooth connectivity, so you can view live data remotely from your smartphone, allowing you to measure noise while practising social distancing

Manufacturer Profile

Cirrus Research

Environment / Safety Equipment

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