'Pawnut Butter' - Peanut Butter for Dogs

Manufactured by Dalts Trading

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Pawsome Products Pawnut Butter for dogs. This is a delicious treat which we think your dog will love. It's 100% Natural, just Peanuts uniquely blended with our superior quality Pawsome Products Hemp Oil and no other nasty additives which could potentially be harmful to your dog. It comes in a convenient, mess free squeezy pouch and therefore, as well as a straight forward treat, it's ideal for squeezing onto lick mats or into dog toys designed for holding food. We love it, all our doggy tasters loved it and we are certain your dog will too! At Pawsome Products, we put a lot of time and research into our range and ensure full peace of mind with our UK made & certified products. You will always receive a pure, natural and high quality product for your pet.

EASY TO USE - Convenient, mess free Squeezy Pouch, perfect for lick mats, toys that hold food or as a straightforward treat
HEMP OIL - Blended with Pawsome Products Hemp Oil for an even healthier treat for your dog
100% NATURAL - Free from any additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners & no added salt or sugar
TASTY! - Delicious treat / reward for your dog which we are sure he/she will love!
UK PRODUCT - Made in the UK with a recipe created especially for dogs

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Dalts Trading

Home & Living / Pets

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