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Additional Sales Information: Test, track and trace app designed specifically for commercial use.

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Our Reactivate solution is a ‘private Test and Trace App’ that works in conjunction with our desktop management console. Reactivate securely connects to a business’ pre-existing database of staff contact information, which allows staff members to connect with each other as well as connecting to their external households and wider social circles. By this very design our app overcomes the Government’s problem of anonymity and bridges the gap between a private household and a business or organisation; staff on a particular construction site or office floor, associated with a positive case, can be immediately and automatically notified via the app or a text message and tests sent to their entire household.

Our app enables real-time screening, isolation management, symptom reporting, test provisioning and results all of which provide value and insight so that we may all better understand and react to Covid-19. Our goal is to enable businesses to stay open with the assurance that they can manage the Covid-19 risk and meet their responsibility to staff to keep them safe.  Moreover, our alert system will facilitate rapid, micro lockdowns of site or office units, containing the spread more effectively and reducing the need to lock down whole institutions or towns. 

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