S9400 (QuadVac)

Manufactured by Stock Group

Product Description

The Largest Machine in Our Range, With Full Width Rear Suction.

The QuadVac, with it's superior rear cleaning performance, is ideally suited for specialist cleaning requirements and airport cleaning.

The mild and stainless steel components that we use are thicker than the road sweeper industry standard, to ensure the longest life span achievable. All equipment is precision fabricated, then powder-primed and coated, to give an extremely durable and high quality finish.

All of our sweepers' equipment is activated via an operator's electronic CANbus control panel, which has been designed and installed with operator ergonomics in mind. The easy-to-use panel allows the operator to set their preferred settings, which are then activated by one-touch operation on the iSweep system, mounted near the driver's door.

Back-to-Black: A remarkable addition to our quality range of British manufactured road sweepers. Each and every QuadVac guarantees superior cleaning performance due to its thin aperture, full width rear suction nozzles. These rear suction  nozzles follow the ground contour with high pressure water, which allows for ultimate cleaning even with surface imperfections.

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