SoluWash - Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Manufactured by Solutions 4 Plastic Limited

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Additional Sales Information: They are individual rolls containing 25 bags per roll. £4.50-6.99 per roll The cold water clear bulk box contains 100 bags (4 rolls). £18 a box.

Product Description

Water soluble laundry bags

Water soluble laundry bags are a great solution for contaminated linen and laundry. They are stocked at 660mm wide x 840mm long, they also come in cold water soluble (dissolving at 25C), warm water soluble (dissolving at 40C) and hot water soluble (dissolving at 65C). They dissolve totally in the wash without harming the environment.

The hot water soluble bags are ideal for wetter linen as they have a higher water resistance, the warm water soluble option is ideal for day to day linen that doesn’t require much water resistance before washing.

Manufacturer Profile

Solutions 4 Plastic Limited

Engineering / Plastics

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