Visedge Series Flexible Floor Access Cover

Manufactured by Howe Green

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Additional Sales Information: The Howe Green Visedge Series Floor Access Covers are suitable for all types of flexible floor finish including vinyl, linoleum, rubber and some carpets to enable permanent, safe access to services concealed underneath.

Product Description

Made to your specification, between stated maximum and minimum sizes, with no time or cost constraint.

Any configuration of ducts and branches can be created to offer a tailor-made floor access solution.

Quick and easy to install ensuring minimum disruption.

Double sealed option provides the highest level of hygiene and security.

A tough, lightweight, non-rusting access cover solution.

Crimped corners allow the access cover and frame to lie flush with the flooring.

Available with a top edge seal to help prevent dirt and water ingress.

Weldable PVC securing edge enables the frame section to be bonded and welded to the cut edge of the sheet flooring to form an impermeable, flat, hygienic and permanent joint.

Provides permanent, easy access to underfloor services using lifting keys.

Manufacturer Profile

Howe Green

Building & Construction / Construction

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