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Made in Britain supports British manufacturers (with headquarters and/or main factories in England, Scotland and Wales) by helping them take advantage of the provenance of British products. We promote British manufacturing to businesses and consumers in the UK and overseas. Unfortunately, due to the territorial definition of Great Britain, we are unable to accept membership applications from manufacturers based in Northern Ireland.

To be eligible for membership you must be a manufactuer making physical goods (excluding digital products and software) where raw materials/components have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of your manufacturing processes in Great Britain. 

This application form must be completed by the business owner, a Company Director or person authorised to act on their behalf. Before you complete the form and make payment, we recommend you click on and read our Terms & Conditions. The membership fee includes the annual licence to use the Made in Britain collective mark and must be renewed every year. The cost of membership is based on your annual turnover as follows:

 Company turnover up to £ 1m per annum - £150 excl. VAT

Company turnover between £ 1m - £ 5m per annum - £300 excl. VAT

Company turnover between £ 5m - £ 30m per annum - £1000 excl. VAT

Company turnover over £ 30m per annum - £1500 excl. VAT

To ensure that all our members are legitimately manufacturing in Britain, and have control over a factory, studio or workshop, we will keep a record of the SIC code of your business together with the Companies House registered number that you provide us with upon application. If you are not familiar with the SIC code system, please contact us on before you apply.  All SIC codes will be reviewed as part of our authentication process.

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