Stories of Success from Made in Britain Membership

Take a look at the many ways membership helps manufacturers succeed with one marque.

Tratos | World Class Manufacturing

Made in Britain Member since 2016, Tratos are exemplary in everything they do, including being a part of the #1000makers network. The team have been delivering global cable solutions and unrivalled en...

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What More UK - Billions of Customers

The British brand leaders with billions of customers worldwide. “We’re world class and we want to share that with everyone” – Garry Ireland, Production Manager, What More UK...

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Focus SB - Royal Standards

Behind the scenes at Focus SB - making luxury switch-plates for some of the world's most famous residential and commercial properties.

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Bio-bean - Advanced biofuels Made in Britain

Bio-bean | The clean-tech company turning waste coffee into eco-friendly fuel. “When you buy a bag of Coffee Logs, you’re not only helping the environment and saving money – yo...

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STOVES - Made in Britain Pioneers

STOVES is one of the UK’s best-loved cooking brands, and is proud to be part of the only major cooking appliance manufacturer still producing built-in hobs and ovens, freestanding and...

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